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We are currently taking the MAP assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to see where each student stands with grade level standards at this point in the year. This is the second MAP assessment that has been administered this year. The Mean score below shows what each grade level needs to score to be considered "on grade level". If you have questions about your childs MAP score please contact their teacher. 

If you have difficulty communicating with us or understanding this information because you do not speak English or have a disability, please let us know. Contact (706)375-9831. Free language assistance or other aids and services are available upon request. Español: Si tiene dificultades para comunicarse con nosotros, o para entender esta infomación porque no habla inglés o tiene alguna discapacidad, por favor infórmenos. Comuníquese con (706)375-9831. Tenemos disponibilidad de servicios gratuitos de ayuda en otros idomas y tipo de asistencia y servicios cuando lo solicite. Esta institución es un proveedor de oportunidades igual.



Check out our new virtual library added to the site. Go to "Academics", "Media Center" and the link can be found there.

We now have a Parent Academy link at the far right. Click on it and it will take you to a page with each grade level and information parents need to know. 



Cherokee Ridge Elementary!  

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As Principal at Cherokee RIdge Elementary, my goal is to ensure a positive, safe learning environment filled with caring adults focused on the academic needs of all students.

This is my 35th year in education at Walker County Schools, my 24th at Cherokee Ridge and 16th as principal. While many things have changed in education over the years, I remain committed to and excited about the opportunities for educating students each year. My history as a student in Walker County Public Schools further fuels my passion for being a positive influencer in our community for all students.

Parents are encouraged to contact me via email at lorivann@walkerschools.org or 706 375 9831.

Cherokee RIdge Elementary, building the foundation for graduation- ready for college, work, and life!