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Power Up for 30 Day

Once again September 30, 2016 is Power Up for 30 Day.  For those that are new or forgot, this is a day to promote physical activity, health and academic achievement in our elementary schools.  

Research shows a strong positive relationship between physical activity and academic achievement.  Incorporating just 30 minutes of physical activity into the daily school routine can make children more alert and ready to learn.  More than 600 schools have already signed the Power Up for 30 pledge!!!!  We at Cherokee Ridge are among the 600 schools across the state of Georgia!

 When: Friday,September 30, 2016

Where: In classrooms during the school day and in the front parking lot @ 10:00 A.M.

Who is Participating: All Georgia elementary schools

At 10:00 A.M., ALL Cherokee Ridge Staff and students will report to the parking lot in the front of the building.  We will be have a group exercise/dance break.  YouTube tutorial videos of the dances are below for your practice at home.

Education Galaxy

Cherokee Ridge has purchased Education Galaxy for every student K-5. Education Galaxy’s online assessment tools help students master state standards while rewarding student progress.  You can log on to Education Galaxy by visiting http://app.educationgalaxy.com/login.aspx   If you need help with your child’s username and password contact Eric MacDonald at ericmacdonald@walkerschools.org 


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